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Vremenik 2018./2019.

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My first interview
Dora Jurić / datum: 30. 5. 2017. 09:19

INTERVIEWER: What is your favourite/least favourite school subject?
ME: My favourite school subject is D&T, because I love when I can show the teacher my abilities in that subject and I really find myself in that subject. I don't really have the least favourite school subject because I believe that every subject is special on their own way and teachers are here to make those subjects even more interesting for us.

INTERVIEWER: What's your favourite book/TV programme/song?
ME: My favourite book is “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green because the book is all about the secret of life and we are finding out the meaning of secret especially when we, unfortunately, lose important person for good.
I enjoy TV programmes about fashion and music, too.
My favourite song is “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. 


Happy St. Patrick's Day
Ivana Polić / datum: 17. 3. 2017. 13:36


My favorite singers
Silvija Vukšić / datum: 21. 2. 2017. 10:22


Mia Negovetić, Sara Andrić and Emma Uvalić

Mia Negovetić

My favorite singer is Mia Negovetić and she is from  Rijeka. Mia is 13. She has got a great voice. Mia plays the piano and the guitar. Her sister plays the piano and the drums. Mia is the winner of the talent show „Zvjezdice“. My favourit songs in her interpretation are: „Listen“, „Who you are“, „Utjeha“ and „Il sole d'azzuro“. When she grows up, she wants to be confectioner who sings while she bakes. Recently, Mia went to Hollywood on the “Little big shots” show. My biggest wish is to meet her.

Sara Andrić

My second favorite singer is my friend Sara Andrić. Sara is 14. She is from Solin, like me. Sara really likes singing and she’s got a great voice. She has got older sister. She applied her on the “Zvjezdice” show because she is an excellent singer. My favorite song in her interpretation is “Still loving you”. Sara is also a very good flute player. She is my very good friend.

Emma Uvalić

Emma Uvalić is my third favorite singer and she is from Trogir. She has got a very nature voice for a 10 years old girl. My favorite songs in her interpretation are: “Gdje Dunav ljubi nebo”, “Ovo je naša krv”, “Stine” and “No more tears”. Emma is very good singer. She plays the piano and she learns foreign languages. My biggest wish is to meet her and Mia Negovetić.


Silvija Vukšić, 6. a



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